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What You’ve Been Told About Sugar Is Deadly Wrong… You have been lied to about sugar, as you are about to find!

These “Sweet Lies” could have cost you your life. They have taken the fun out of your diet. And they may have even taken the lives of individuals you care about…

So, who has been misleading you about sugar?
It’s not surprising that business trade groups have told some blatant lies. These organizations are sworn to safeguard revenues and defend their products at any costs!

However, you have also been misled by government health groups and institutions that profess to be your health protectors, such as the heart, cancer, and diabetes associations.

For example, did you know that Dr. Richard Kahn, the former Chief Medical & Scientific Officer of the American Diabetes Association, made the following statement?

What proof exists that sugar has anything to do with diabetes? There is no evidence that sugar, in and of itself, contributes to diabetes.Richard Kahn, M.D.

And, while his assertion is stunning in its stupidity, Dr. Kahn is NOT ignorant… he is deceptive!!

The ADA accepted a “multi-million dollar grant” from Cadbury-Schweppes, one of the world’s largest confectionery and beverage firms, less than a month after he made this statement.

When conflicts of interest, powerful lobbyists, and BILLIONS of dollars are at risk, it’s simple to see how the government and other powerful institutions will sell your health for a buck.

But you might be surprised (and possibly upset) to learn…

Your doctors and the “nutrition experts” you follow on the internet have told you LIES about sugar that could cost you your life!

It truly is that serious!

But that is about to change because you are about to discover THE TRUTH ABOUT SUGAR

But before we get there, let’s talk about…

The Six Most Dangerous Sugar Lies You’ve Been Told:

SWEET LIE #1: Low-Glycemic Sweeteners Are Good For You
You’ve probably heard of the glycemic index…

It measures how different foods affect your blood sugar. The scale runs from zero to one hundred (the reading for glucose).

In 1981, a doctor at the University of Toronto devised the Index. 2 The concept did not become viral until 2005 when The New Glucose Revolution became a best-seller.

Before I continue, let me assure you that…

The Glycemic Index and its associated Glycemic Load are incredibly useful instruments.

These metrics are directly related to blood sugar and insulin levels, which are directly related to obesity and your risk for ALL chronic diseases!

However, there is a HUGE PROBLEM with how the Glycemic Index has been interpreted…
Look at the table below…

Do you see that fructose is at the absolute bottom of the list?

Here’s why that’s odd…

Fructose is the sweetest sugar, but it has a glycemic index that is 32% lower than chickpeas! 3

So, while fructose does have a minimal influence on blood sugar (immediately after eating)…

That suggests you have a very restricted capacity. Excess fructose is also EXTREMELY hazardous since it is transformed into three toxic compounds:

This Simple Fact Led Health Authorities, Food Manufacturers, Doctors, and Diabetes Organizations Down a Dark Lane…
In the early 2000s, “experts” started pushing fructose-rich sweeteners as a “healthy” alternative…

The main winner was agave syrup, which saw a massive increase in sales.

Depending on the brand, agave contains up to 90% fructose – more than DOUBLE what certain grades of high-fructose corn syrup contain!

Agave was (and still is) marketed as “excellent for diabetics” due to its low glycemic index.

The European Union determined in 2013 that food and beverage makers can make “health claims” for fructose if it is used to substitute glucose and sucrose. 4

And you’re going to discover why that’s a TERRIBLE idea…

Fructose does not (in the near term) boost blood “glucose” since it is NOT glucose!

However, this does not imply that there is no damage!

Fructose has an 81 percent lower glycemic index than glucose… What it does behind the scenes, however, is MUCH WORSE!
I’m not saying glucose is safe… it isn’t!

But fructose is even worse…

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