Benefits of Fish Oil for Fitness and Health

Fish Oil Benefits

When the words oils and fats are spoken, health-conscious people prefer to flee. They don’t comprehend that there are good fats and bad fats. Complete abstinence from oils and fats would be damaging to their health rather than healthy.

The Real Story About Fish Oil

We must always include essential fatty acids in our daily diet; without them, we are one step closer to death. There are two types of essential fatty acids: omega-6 EFAs and omega-3 EFAS.

Although there are only minor changes between the two categories of essential fatty acids, research has shown that consuming too many omega-6 EFAs might cause inflammation, blood clotting, and tumor formation. The good news is that omega-3 EFAs have the opposite effect. Vegetable oils include omega-6 EFAs, while fish oils and other meals provide omega-3 EFAs.

Omega-6 vs. Omega-3

Physicians and scientists agree that an uneven intake of omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs is the root cause of rising rates of heart disease, hypertension or high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, premature aging, and some types of cancer.

Vegetable oils contain omega-6 EFAs, as previously stated. This includes, but is not limited to, corn oil and soy oil, which both have significant levels of linoleic acid. Omega-3 EFAs, on the other hand, are present in marine plankton as well as walnut and flaxseed oils. It is worth noting that fatty fish and fish oils contain eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), two fatty acids that have been shown to give several benefits to the human body. A study on Greenland Eskimos in the early 1970s indicated that one of the major reasons they rarely suffer from heart disease is due to their high-fat diet (mainly composed of fish).

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EPA and DHA, two important fatty acids, are also beneficial in the prevention of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, depression, and different types of cancer. Fish oil supplements have also been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Raynaud’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.

Other Advantages of Fish Oil

There are numerous more disorders and situations where fish oil has been shown to be extremely effective.

Improving Heart Health

The heart is unquestionably one of the most vital elements of our bodies, and having an unhealthy heart implies having a very short lifespan. Naturally, it is in our best interests to maintain our hearts happy and healthy, and one method to do so is to consume foods containing fish oil.

In Athens, Greece, for example, a study was conducted to determine whether there was a direct association between a heavy fish diet and blood vessel inflammation. The findings found that those who ate more fish had lower levels of C-reactive protein and interleukin-6, both of which are often used to predict the likelihood of blood vessel inflammation. These advantages persisted even when the different dangers associated with a heavy fish diet were considered.

Fish to Lose Weight

A study conducted in Perth, Australia, discovered that eating fish can help prevent hypertension and obesity. University of Western Australia (UWA) researchers showed that a weight-loss diet that incorporates a regular amount of fish consumption can be quite efficient in lowering blood pressure and improving glucose tolerance.

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Asthma Relief from Fish Oil

People with respiratory disorders, such as asthma, are often seen as unfit and sickly. They should be relieved to read that specific research has demonstrated the benefits of fish oil for asthmatic patients. According to statistics, roughly 20 to 25 percent of children nowadays suffer from some sort of asthma at some time in their life. And certain research suggests that it is caused by a regular diet of foods high in linoleic acid.

UW (University of Wyoming) researchers conducted a study in which they fed a group of children a high-fish diet while others ate their regular meals. The results showed that people who ate more fish were less prone to asthma attacks and could breathe more readily.

Consult your nutritionist right away

Nothing is good when consumed or utilized in excess, yet completely avoiding a certain food type is also harmful. Consult a nutritionist to determine the appropriate amount of fish to consume based on your age and health status.


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